eBooks on Critical Analysis

Mathematical Analysis of the Book of Job; 978-1-4524-7835-7.

Mathematical Analysis of the Gospels; 978-1-4524-9207-0.

Mathematical Analysis of the Nobel Peace Lectures; 978-1-4524-8684-0.


eBooks on Project Management

Coping Styles: Dealing with Life on Life’s Terms; 978-1-4524-2972-4.

Growth Rings: How We Get Connected; 978-1-4524-8118-0.

Social Maturity for Project Managers; 978-1-4524-5442-9.

Communication Deficiencies: A Case Study in Project Management; 978-1-4523-5682-2.

Workplace Ecology: A Case Study in Project Management; 978-1-4523-7087-3.

Presentations on the Critical Path Method; 978-1-4523-8534-1.

ITIL Integration Exercises; 978-1-4523-92233.

Demonstrating Design for Six Sigma; 978-1-4523-6066-9.

Project Scheduling Alternatives; 978-1-4523-5561-0.

Summary of Best Practices for Information Technology; 978-1-4523-8398-9.

Presentations on Classical ITIL; 978-1-4523-6091-1.

Survey of HR for Projects; Smashwords; 978-1-4523-3094-5.


eBooks on Service Opportunities

Be of Service - Start a new Group; 978-131160-0660.

How Big is Your Fishbowl?; 978-1-4524-2214-5.

Journey to Mount Align; 978-1-4524-1394-5.